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Green or Die
January 29, 2008, 7:46 am
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Green or Die.  Your Choice. Everyone’s Future.

Oooo.  Catchy, huh?

It’s the name and tagline of my recent foray into online community development. Along with four other graduate students, last term I helped develop this social network geared at promoting everyday changes for greener living.  (As in, more environmentally friendly, not like Kermit the Frog and the Jolly Green Giant. Although they’re cool too.)

It’s called Green or Die.

Some killer aspects of our community: A widget that allows folks to show off their green-ness on Facebook, MySpace, etc… A challenge to live greener, via a game/quiz which will someday change each week and ask you questions about things like how much water you waste while brushing your teeth…  A cool “Odd Couple”-type movie which is pretty damn entertaining while getting across some serious points and branding the community.

A big… uh… “challenge”:  Site isn’t done.  We ran into some delays early, which led to firing someone, which led to delays, which led to running into a developer’s vacation, which led to delays, which to led to more delays, frustration, excuses, and confusion.  (Welcome to web development!).  It’s not quite ready for primetime but it is primo cool (or can be).

So, this morning, I and two other APOC student presenters presented our final projects from last term to the Annenberg Foundation Board of Trustees.  These final projects were to be the culmination of our USC graduate studies. Yahoo!’s Cody Simms, APOC Director Karen North, and three additional APOC students were in attendance.

We presented to a rather impressive roster of Annenberg Foundation trustees.  I was impressed by their engagement and dedication to online communities as an area of future study and by their thoughtful questions and comments throughout the presentations.

I gotta admit I was pretty nervous speaking before this group of heavy hitters.  But I also gotta admit — I (and the group) rocked it!  Our hard work showed through clearly and I’m glad we were able to back up that the Foundation’s investment in us and in the future was money well invested.  The Annenberg family, including Willis Annenberg who was in attendance, have an AMAZING history of philanthropy at USC and elsewhere.

The other groups are amazing too.  Check ’em out:

  • BoomSpin, a social networking site promising legal free music
  • Grunchable, a clever consumer complaint site along the lines of Yelp! but focused on the fun, negative reviews we all love to read (and write).

What do you think of Green or Die?  Is it a concept worth taking beyond prototype and doing something with it?


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