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February 9, 2008, 10:22 pm
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At a session called Otaku Remixes: Anime Music Videos, featuring a collection curated by Tim Park. Otaku simply means a fan of anime content. While I’m a total nube when it comes to anime, I gotta admit the first couple videos I witnessed are pretty fly.

Watch some of the best and vote for your favorites at

Here’s one cool example of a well-known anime mashup music video mixing up some footage from Dragonball Z and a Tyler Durden-inspired Dust Brothers track.

Here’s another one called Tainted Donuts. Get through the intro to hear a dope Japanese hip hop track from Shaka Zombie. Beat and energy is reminiscent of Young Black Teenagers’ “Tap the Bottle.”

Who knew hip hop and anime got down like this? Peep “It’s Tricky to Make a Music Video,” featuring the kings Run DMC.

This is actually starting to blow me away.  I mean, g*$damn, where do you get to mash up Ninja Rap, Luda, Weird Al,  movie trailer bits, and more.  Right here, that’s where…  Seriously this is at least as funny as anything Will Ferrell and those guys are gonna give ya.

I wanna make some -ish like that! Maybe a mashup involving Digital Underground’s “FOTI.”  Who wants to help? Worth three weeks of my life? Uh, maybe I’ll just stay on YouTube.

Props to my M80 homeboy Fast Freddie for rollin’ out to the summit and inspiring me to check out something new.


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