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Barack bowls
March 31, 2008, 6:32 am
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barack bowls

Q. How does a candidate for president risk losing the campaign even after assuredly winning the most states, getting the most votes and earning support of the most ‘superdelegates’?

A. By bowling a friggin’ 37.

I think bowling is exactly the kind of activity I want to see by the future leader of the free world. Because bowling is awesome.  But a score of 37 is exactly the kind of scandal the Hillary camp has been counting on! If I’m on Hillary’s team, I’m doing private bowling lessons right now and rollin’ a 126 in the morning as evidence of being more tightly connected to working class bowlers voters.

But I’m not on Hillary’s team. I’m rollin’ with Barack.

(Thanks, Fouj, for the link!)


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37? His average is bound to go up once he has a bowling alley in his basement.

Comment by blowupyourtv

No doubt Tillman. I doubt that Hillary or McCain bowl very well either. Given their militaristic tendencies, they probably just want to blow up all the pins.

Comment by clintschaff

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