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Rally for Clean Energy. Can Houston Dig it?
August 19, 2008, 3:22 am
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If you’re in Houston and wanna help stick it to The Man — i.e. “Big Oil” — join us.   We need clean energy now, as well as the jobs that such an investment creates.

Rally for Clean Energy
Tranquility Park – Right by Shell Plaza
400 Rusk Street
Houston, TX 77002
19 Aug, 7:00 PM Central

I’m helping organize this action for Tuesday evening because, right now, voters want real solutions to the energy crisis — that means serious investment in alternative energy and green jobs. Meanwhile, the Republicans keep obstructing big changes and pushing for multi-billion dollar giveaways to Big Oil.

These events are goin’ on nationwide…

On August 19, we’re releasing reports around the country with new state-by-state data detailing what billions we give Big Oil in tax breaks could buy in the way of clean energy projects and job creation. We’ll tell John McCain and the Republicans: don’t use our tax-dollars for Big Oil giveaways – invest in a clean energy future instead.

Sign up here »


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