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USC = United for Super Classes
February 4, 2009, 5:15 am
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So I’m back co-teaching another semester at USC in Los Angeles, and having a blast.

The class is “Introduction to Online Communities (CMGT-534)” and I teach it along with Karen North as part of the very timely and professionally relevant  Annenberg Program on Online Communities, of which Karen is the Director.

Quick blurb on the class:

The Introduction to Online Communities course provides a basic set of knowledge, skills, and terminology needed to understand the advent, growth and development of online communities. Students learn to engage with, critique, and discuss online communities through timely readings, reputable guest lecturers, and lively discussions. Assigned readings include both influential industry blogs and academic publications. Frequent guest lecturers offer information about new developments in the industry and provide students with insights into the leadership and management of online communities. Weekly discussions draw from the week’s industry news, other readings, and topics and issues raised by our guests. The class explores business aspects of online communities, motivations for their creation, strategies for cultivating them, as well as trends in this industry. This wealth of knowledge serves as preparation for future classes and projects at APOC.

So far, we’ve discussed the impact of online communities on society, open source & peer production, and designing around the user experience.  The following topics are still to come:

  • Micro/niche communities
  • Large scale communities
  • Digital Filmmaking, User-Generated Content
  • Transmedia & multi-platform strategies
  • Viral marketing, SEO/SEM
  • PR, Attraction/Conversion/Retention, Customer service as marketing
  • Monetization Strategies, Bootstrapping, Raising Capital
  • Virtual Worlds & Games
  • Industry Case Study: How the Social Web is Changing the Content-Driven Businesses
  • Mobile/wireless, GPS, Artificial Intelligence 

So…. Any suggestions on readings for the upcoming topics?  Speakers?  Lab exercises?


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Hi Clinton,
So nice to have you as our teacher for this upcoming year, I am looking forward to learning a ton from you, hoho. About the readings, I recommend an article about brand community written by ALBERT M. MUNIZ, JR.
THOMAS C. O’GUINN. It was written in 2001, but it lays a good foundation about brand community for its readers, so I think it might be good to start with this topic. See you in tomorrow’s class!

Comment by Ruby

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