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Intro to… Intro to Online Communities
February 10, 2010, 7:23 am
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It’s a new year and that means a new crop of amazing students in our USC Annenberg Program on Online Communities class, Introduction to Online Communities.

I’ll likely use this sparsely updated blog as a space to share some highlights from our class. So that you know what we’re talkin’ ’bout, here’s a course description:

The Introduction to Online Communities course provides a basic set of knowledge, skills, and terminology needed to understand the advent, growth and development of online communities.

Students learn to engage with, critique, and discuss online communities through timely readings, reputable guest lecturers, and lively discussions. Assigned readings include both influential industry blogs and academic publications.

Frequent guest lecturers offer information about new developments in the industry and provide students with insights into the leadership and management of online communities.

Weekly discussions draw from the week’s industry news, other readings, and topics and issues raised by our guests. The class explores business aspects of online communities, motivations for their creation, strategies for cultivating them, as well as trends in this industry.

This wealth of knowledge serves as preparation for future classes and projects at APOC.

And here are the course topics, as it stands right now:

The Digital Future
What are Online Communities?
Managing Online Communities
Community Tools & Platforms
Corporate Communities
Building Community I
Building Community II
Marketing I: Social Media & Viral Marketing
Marketing II: Viral, SEO/SEM
User Experience & Product Design
New developments: Mobile, Third party platforms, etc.
Future of Content
Monetizing, Entrepreneurship & Starting Up

Should be a great semester. Gonna try to get caught up with a few posts here shortly!


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